• Residential

  • We all know the weather in Middle Tennessee can be pretty extreme at times. From all day torrential rainfalls, destructive wind and hail storms, perhaps even tornados, we get it all.

    Most roofing leaks and damages are not planned, and property owners often find that they don't know where to turn when a leak arises or when weather damages large portions of a roofing structure. We offer emergency services for all types of property owners to provide an immediate response and to minimize potential damage. We can assess your roofing damage and provide the services necessary to keep your home or building protected.

    By the time a ceiling stain appears indoors or water drips into your business, the damage is already underway. Water infiltration can compromise the internal structure of a building, destroy inventory and equipment, and can create slippery surfaces, putting people at risk for injury. You need a professional who can fix your roofing problem right and fix it fast.

    • Blistering and Cracking
    • Broken or rusted flashing
    • Leaky skylight
    • Water standing on the roof more than 48 hours
    • Water stains on ceiling
    • Icicles/Ice dams at the edge of the roof
    • Roof damage caused when installing or servicing rooftop equipment
  • What We Offer

  • Roof Replacement

    We offer total roof replacements on quick turn-times as we understand, as a homeowner, we understand "There's no place like home." When it comes to concerns with your roof, we understand you can't trust just anyone with the job. You want quality service from a company you can trust. At Pinnacle Roofs Plus, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction with every job since beginning in 2011. Serving Nashville and the surrounding Middle Tennessee areas, our customers and work quality come first. 

  • Window Replacement

    If you need your windows replaced for your Nashville or Middle Tennessee area home, you count on the quality of Pinnacle Roofs Plus. We are a locally owned and operated company, proudly providing exceptional value, service, knowledge and skill. Since our start in 2011, we strive for customer satisfaction 100% of the time and offer a high-level of customer service and quality you deserve. We offer high-quality Simonton Windows for replacement.